Sunday, June 9, 2013

Venice - April 2012

I took my last European holiday in April 2012 - I managed to get a BA miles ticket to Venice and back for GBP 37, so I took a few days off to de-stress in one of my favorite cities. Above, a quintessential view of a canal near Harry's Bar.

I stayed in a small hotel off St. Mark's Square (San Marco), in a super convenient location. It was beautiful but still a bit chilly.

I loved wandering the back streets of Venice - there are many quiet places, if you look.

I arrived from the airport via water taxi and alighted at San Marco pier, very close to my hotel.

 I loved to see the shop keepers and restaurants opening for business, before all the tourists come out.

 My hotel was on a narrow street just off San Marco, filled with restaurants and shops.

 This clock was the landmark that guided me back to my hotel. 

I never get tired of San Marco - there is something eternal about it.

Harry's Bar, a Venice institution.

 I never got on a Gondola, but I loved watching the tourists enjoying themselves.

 Venice is filled with charming bridges.

 I had lunch at this restaurant, right next to the canal. It was a beautiful setting.

 There was no shortage of cat-themed items for sale in Venice! It was all very tempting.

 Of course, all the traditional souvenirs were available, like masks.

 Another fine feline! Kinda looks like my Heidi.

The wisteria were in bloom in the local park.

 One last look at the Grand Canal.

I made my way back to Marco Polo Airport using the water taxi - very reasonably priced and quick.

One month later, I was on a plane to the U.S. to stay with my brother and his wife. Salem, Oregon was a bit of a culture shock - but I was really happy staying with family. And I did manage to visit Tokyo for a second time in 2012 (November), and Vancouver B.C. in December of last year. So all in all, 2012 was a good year for holiday travel.

Hope you enjoyed the little travelogue!



  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, I've never been to Venice. Hope to revisit Tokyo sometime soon too!

    1. Cheers! I think this would be a wonderful trip for you and hubs :)

  2. I am curious. Why was Oregon a culture shock? You mean, a shock after spending years in Europe?

    1. Yes, After living in Europe for 16 years, moving to Salem was quite a change!