Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Product Smack-down: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Strips vs. Maybelline Limited Edition Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers

Today's product smack-down is a contest between Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Strips and Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers. Alas, the Maybelline Nail Stickers are limited edition, but still available on and eBay.

The Maybelline nail stickers come on a single sheet along with a plastic cuticle stick and nail file. You simply peel a sticker off and press it on your nail. You file off the excess and you're done. If you want to tuck a bit under your cuticles, you can use the stick.

The Sally Hansen nail stickers come in individual packets, one per hand. A wood cuticle stick and nail file are also provided. The Sally Hansen nail stickers come with a "protective' plastic film, which proved to be highly irritating and difficult to remove - more on that later.

The dazzling array of limited edition patterns from Maybelline really caught my eye. I especially liked the lace textured stickers, above, purchased from

I'm wearing the Cheetah print this week - you can see what it looks like, below:

I'm really loving this Cheetah print!

I also purchased a "Wild Reptile" version from Amazon, which I haven't tried yet.

I can't wait to try "Resort Couture".

My favorite Maybelline Metal Prisms design, above.

This is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Strip in "Beat You to It".  As I mentioned above, the strips are covered by a plastic "protective film" which is difficult to remove and results in tearing the nail polish strip when removing the plastic. The Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strip is also much thinner than Maybelline's and is easy to damage during handling. Worse yet, the adhesive dried out in two the packs I bought from Amazon - but the seller is sending me replacements. I am hoping the replacements will stick to my nails. I also applied a layer of top coat to the Sally Hansen nail strips, but my "manicure" lasted only 3 days as opposed to 7 days with the Maybelline nail stickers - which did not require a top coat.

Bottom line, I would buy the Maybelline Nail Stickers again, but will pass on Sally Hansen - not worth the money.


  1. Not bad. I like the first one! Too bad it didn't last long though.

    1. The Maybelline sticker do last a week - good value!

  2. All the patches do have amazing designs and it's kinda more suitable for shorter nails. You've done great job with them! The result looks perfect to me!

    1. Thank you Anastacia! Your professional opinion means a lot to me!

  3. Interesting patterns! I have not tried them yet. I do not know...I am a little bit of old-school. One coat of nail polish, and eventually top coat, and that's it. :))