Monday, June 10, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute - Neiman Marcus at Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto

Cat and I met up in Palo Alto yesterday for a trip to Neiman Marcus at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. We had an appointment at the Le Metier de Beaute counter at NM. First, however, we refreshed ourselves at Philz Coffee across from the Caltrain station. If you haven't tried Philz filter coffee, you must!

We stopped for lunch at La Strada restaurant on University Avenue. I think we over-estimated our eating capabilities. We had a Bruschetta starter, above.

I had the Pollo Panini and salad - delicious! The quality of bread at La Strada is excellent - they have a wood-fired oven and make excellent pizzas too.

After lunch, it was off to Neiman Marcus at Stanford Shopping Center. That's Cat having her makeup applied by the amazing Ben Monroy at Le Metier de Beaute. She looked amazing! You see the loveliness of the person, not the makeup.

I just love the Le Metier de Beaute colors and textures - so creamy and glowing.

While Cat was having her makeup done, I waited with a peeling mask applied to my forehead.

Here's my makeup - I loved the Bordeaux shadow so much I got one; I also got the Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir (and I got a 2nd one free as a GWP), reviewed at Cafe Makeup. There are 23 different eye shadow shades, and you can now build your own eye shadow Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. I'm wearing Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 1 which I also got as a GWP. I'm also wearing the Blushing Bronzed Duet in Romeo and Juliet, which I got on-line at Le Metier de Beaute's site. I'm also receiving a free Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Lip Kit, which was a limited time promotion on the web site (it has ended).

I ended up purchasing the Dark Spot Corrector, the Bordeaux eye shadow, and a Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir. I got the Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 1 and a 2nd Precision Liquid Eyeliner as a GWP.

Since it was the last day of the Camp Gorgeous event, I also received a metallic snakeskin clutch with quite a few fragrance samples. The LMdB Precision Liquid Eyeliner is also pictured.

After emptying our pockets at the Le Metier counter, we headed over to Bloomingdales for their Beauty Treats promotion. I purchased two Shiseido sun products and received a free cosmetic bag. Above, Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF43 Oil Free Shade 2 and Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream+ Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ for Face.

Last but least, we found some half price socks by Free People at Nordstrom. Cat bought some shoe cleaner.

And that folks, was a Sunday in Palo Alto!



  1. nice haul!
    I love this look on you very much. The Bordeaux shade is very beautiful!
    oh, and the shiseido sun protection line is one of my favorites, too!

    (i'm glad you're blogging again. I haven't been very active myself but i'm a long time fan from your previous blog.)

    1. Hi Lena! Cat introduced me to this brand - it wasn't readily available in Europe so I missed out but I'm glad I've been enabled :) Shiseido sunscreens have been a long time fave for me too.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments - it's nice to be back!

  2. You get to hang out with Cat! I'm officially envious. Looks like such a fun day, and I saw her LMDB makeup picture on Instagram, which makes me want to drive out in search of my nearest counter immediately. I lovee that Bordeaux eyeshadow, the finish is so nice on your lids. One of these days I'll just give up and splurge on some of their shadows.

    1. Lolz! Yes, we both like the same kind of makeup and skincare! And we're both STEM geeks - I hear that you are too :)

      You can now configure your own Eye Kaleidoscope:

      Enjoy and hope to meet you sometime!

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world! :) You purchases great things and it looks like you had a blast. :)