Friday, June 21, 2013

My Adorable and Slightly Naughty Kittehs

Heidi and Meg, my two rescue kittehs, are my constant companions - Heidi even likes to supervise my work, above.

Meggie is a bit of an internet geek too.

Meggie is a dedicated sun-worshipper, but Heidi likes shade. I suspect that Heidi and Meggie have different fathers; Heidi has a normal, American Shorthair physique but Meggie definitely looks like an Oriental cat. Yet, they are both littermates.

Heidi likes her cat naps and will either be on my desk or in my walk-in closet, behind the suitcases.

Both Meggie and Heidi are addicted to playing feather-on-a-stick, AKA, Da Bird. Good thing I can get replacement feathers, as they like to attack them very aggressively!

They are still kittens, about 9 months old, so they like to get into everything - like these newspapers.

Of course, their sweet, innocent looks make it impossible to get angry with them over their antics.

They frequently enjoy litter box parties - I don't know what's so fun about flinging litter all over the place.

I do close my bedroom door at night to get some peace and quiet, but they're scratching on my door at 6 a.m. so that they can get some cuddles.

This is Heidi investigating last year's Christmas arrangement - fortunately, she didn't eat the toxic stuff.

I love taking pictures of Meggie's adorable cat nap poses - she's completely precious when she sleeps.

Heidi is a strikingly gorgeous cat - just look at her beautiful coloring and stunning green eyes.

Even Meggie's paws are adorable - they look like wabbit feet.

Meggie is fascinated by any computing device - that includes laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The kittehs have taken over the bathtub in the second bathroom - they use it for wrestling!

They like to nap in the funniest places - here, Meggie is snoozing in my desk drawer.

I am so lucky to have Heidi and Meg - they are a ray of sunshine in my life - and endlessly entertaining!



  1. Meggie is one high techy techy kitty! They are absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing their photos with us <3

    1. Glad you like their piccies :) Meggie also has a fatal attraction to my printer....

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Had no idea you were permanently back in Cali. This is great! Love your two fur babies. <3 And have fun at the food fair this weekend!

    1. Yep, I'm BAAACK! I'm going to the Mitsuwa Japanese Food Festival tomorrow - thanks so much for letting me know about it! There's also an Alber Elbaz for Lancome event on at Valley Fair Nordstrom this weekend too!