Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shabu Shabu in San Jose Japantown

One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in San Jose Japantown is Shaburi - for Shabu Shabu, of course. Each diner has their very own Shabu Shabu pot on a gas burner connected to it's own gas supply.

Shaburi is a small, local restaurant with a loyal local following. The food is no-frills but the quality of the meats and seafood is excellent.

The menu allows you to pick your own broth, meat, veggies, and seafood. There are also vegetarian options too. I like the fact that you can pick your own ingredients, and make your Shabu Shabu yourself.

Your meal comes with a vegetable plate with rice noodles, udon, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, tofu, and  a soy based dipping sauce and a peanut based sauce. A bowl of rice is also included. THIS IS YUMMY!

Shaburi is located in one of the last three Japantowns (Nihonmachi) in the U.S. The other two are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Seattle has an International District with a large Japanese presence, as does Portland, Oregon. Japantowns across America were devastated by the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII and most of them never recovered.

San Jose Japantown is also the home of Kay's Shiseido, one of the very first Shiseido retailers on the U.S. Mainland. She also sells Hello Kitty too and has locations in Mitsuwa in San Jose and Sun Plaza near Little Saigon.

Nijiya Market  has a location in Japantown, and has a good selection of fruit and vegetables.

Shuei-Do Manju Shop has a fabulous selection of tender, fresh, home made Manju.

Japantown has promoted a Japanese aesthetic wherever it can.

San Jose Japantown is also the home of San Jose Tofu - all their Tofu is hand-made fresh on the premises, and there is also a cafe too. Their soya milk is also famous.

San Jose Japantown also has numerous restaurants, complete with the requisite food models.

If you're in San Jose, do give Japantown a visit - it's on the VTA Light Rail too.



  1. Very nice photos!

  2. Okay, I am SO SAD I never visited Japantown when I was in San Jose two years ago... I love Japantown in SF!!

    That's it, I need to come visit. Will start scoping out October flights...

    1. Hurry up and visit! I'll give you the Grand Tour of both Japantown and Little Saigon :)