Monday, June 24, 2013

Mitsuwa Market Japanese Gourmet Fair and Nihonmachi - San Jose

Yesterday, I went with my friend Cat to the Mitsuwa Market Japanese Gourmet Fair in San Jose. I was lucky to learn about this from Shop n' Chomp, who lives in LA and went to the fair at her local Mitsuwa.

There were numerous food stands offering everything from Sushi to Matcha Waffles. The store was heaving with people.

One of the most popular offerings was the "Tako-Yaki" (Octopus) stand. There was a long line for this one.

I went for the Green Tea and Custard Waffles. Delicious.

Mitsuwa also offers cream-filled Manju in addition to the traditional bean-filled variety offered at the food stands.

For lunch, I had the Uni (Sea Urchin) Croquettes. Really a uniquely Japanese flavor.

Green Tea Waffle.

Custard Cream Waffle

After lunch, we toured the Kinokuniya bookstore, which is attached to the Mitsuwa.

Cat books were particularly popular, including titles like "Cat Getting out of a Bag".

Chinglish guides and books with pictures of appallingly translated signs were on offer.

I loved the stickers - like these Rillakkuma dress-up stickers!

This was the Santoku Ramen line - we decided to buy lunch from the kiosks to avoid lines.

After lunch, we headed off to San Jose Nihonmachi (Japantown). There are lots of restaurants to choose from, with yummy offerings, above.

We stopped off at Nijiya Market to pick up a few items - I even found Obachan's Seedless Li Hing Mui plums and Matcha Kit Kats. The Strawberry Mochi is divine.

We picked up some fresh Manju from Shuei-Do Manju Shop.

We had some Affogato at Roy's Station.

I got some home made firm Tofu at San Jose Tofu - Cat was disappointed because they had sold out of the Silky Tofu.

We were too full to have some Bubbie's Mochi Ice Cream or Hawaiian-style Shave Ice, but I've been promised by my Hawaiian friends that they will treat me to the originals when I'm in Honolulu!

Hope you enjoyed the gastro tour!



  1. Everything looks delish! You are so lucky to have access to these shops over there. Nothing like them over here sadly.

    1. Iris, that's the great thing about being back in the Bay Area - it's Asian Central, as you know!! I took Cat to Little Saigon for dinner at a popular restaurant in the local Vietnamese mega-mall - delish!

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing them!